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I have come to the realization that there are many people who want to eat good, real and healthy food – they just don’t want to or have the time to make it thus my Paleo friendly&fabulous delivery service is  born.   It happened by
accident  when Marianne, a co-worker doing the whole30 program with me, asked if she could pay me to make her the
same pff and whole30 meals I was eating.  I said, “sure” brought her a container of Thai Basil Beef the following
day, took a photo, posted it on Instagram  & Facebook with the #pfflifestyle’sfirstdelivery and viola – a business is born.  

I went from having 1 client, Marianne the first week to 5 the second week to 10-15 regular clients depending on what's for delivery, today.   Whether it is from folks that are very much into health and fitness, people on the whole30 or Paleo diet/program or those just wanting to eat healthier, I’ve seen a tremendous request from people wanting to subscribe to my service.   I am still getting regular inquires for my delivery but unfortunately I cannot handle more than 10-15 meals per delivery.

This is all very new and exciting.  I love cooking and preparing beautiful and healthy meals.  I love that I am able to share my passion for a Paleo friendly&fabulous lifestyle with my clients - through at least the nutrition aspect.  As one Paleo pundit put it – “Paleo is a great diet, the only problem is one has to cook”… there are no shortcuts to eating real food where nothing is processed, I suppose that is why I am attracting potential clients interested in a delivery servicce of delicious and healthy meals made from organic produce and organically and pasture raised protein sources.

Who knows where this business venture will take me. Perhaps a Pff cooking show on You Tube or even a Paleo Food Truck -  I think the possibilities are endless.  For now I am going to enjoy the ride and continue to inspire people to change their relationship with food one Paleo friendly&fabulous meal at a time. 



05/20/2016 4:37am

Being in the right place at the right time is actually all about being in the right state of mind.


Eating healthy foods are quite expensive than processed food. People are so gullible because they rather spend less to a product or food that will satisfy their taste, they will stick to things they usually eat because that's their daily routine. They don't think of the things or effects and consequences they will get in every choice they will make. Switching or changing your diet is a lot of sacrifice for you because you need to persuade or convince yourself to eat those kind of foods if you want to be healthy and you are worried about your health. It is not easy but I know everyone can do it, it's just a matter of self discipline.


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04/02/2017 10:14pm

Such a nice and informative blog you have. I really love reading it. I also love cooking and baking. So that I can relate to your post. The content of your blog is very useful. I'm glad that I found your blog. I really appreciate the efforts for sharing this with us. I hope that you can update us more about your blog.

04/16/2017 5:56am

I love cooking too! This is my hobby. This process is calming for me!


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